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Chefx Gourmet 'DIY' Recipe Kits

Chefx delivers everything you need to make amazing, chef-inspired dinners at home! We provide easy-to-follow gourmet recipes from Ottawa's top chefs, and all the fresh, portioned ingredients - sourced from local family farms and artisan producers whenever possible!

Each week, our featured local chefs plan creative, seasonally-inspired recipes (1 MEAT/FISH; 1 VEGETARIAN; and 1 SALAD); our partner local farmers and artisan producers supply the finest locally available ingredients; our kitchen team portions everything out and packs it up in an environmentally-friendly cooler bag; and our delivery drivers bring it right to your door!

Purchase 'a la carte' or subscribe for a regular weekly delivery and save! 

We deliver on Fridays to postal codes in Ottawa and suburbs beginning with the following 3 digits:  K1A, K1B, K1C, K1E, K1G, K1H, K1J, K1K, K1L, K1M, K1N, K1P, K1R, K1S, K1T, K1V, K1W, K1Y, K1Z, K2A, K2B, K2C, K2E, K2G, K2H, K2J, K2K, K2L, K2M, K2P, K2R, K2S, K2T, K2V, K4A, K4M.

No need to be home to accept delivery - our insulated, refrigerated cooler bags will keep your food fresh until you arrive home! 



Gourmet 'Ready-Made Meals' from Restaurant Les Fougères

If you prefer to let someone else do the cooking, we can think of no one better than the chefs at the wonderful Restaurant Les Fougères. Choose either their 3-course meal, or the main dish only. Heat in the oven or microwave and enjoy!